Download This Superb List of 500+ Services for Southern Baja

In 1983, a friend and I sailed across the South Pacific in a 32-foot boat.

La Paz was the jumping-off point for this multi-year adventure. Much smaller than it is today, La Paz was our last restock, resupply and repair facility before leaving the West Coast of North America for the open blue Pacific.

La Paz’s 400 year history as a port town makes it an ideal spot for landlubbers to locate what they need, as well. The problem is that in Southern Baja, names and phone numbers of reliable service providers are often hard to unearth.

A friend forwarded me this list of about 500 businesses. It is neatly organized and easy to read, with categories for everything from anchors to Zumba classes highlighted in English. While this list contains mostly businesses in the La Paz area, it is useful for anyone living in Southern Baja. You can download it by clicking the link below:

Guide to Services La Paz, BCS Mexico

Penny and I have personally used two of the services here–Vaesa for windows and Vanessa for fabrics. We’ve found them to be high quality and responsive. I can’t vouch personally for the other businesses listed, but you might want to download this list for your use.

This list was put together by the Club Cruceros, so it has a yachtsman’s bent to the content. As even non-boatsmen know, stuff on boats is always breaking or wearing out. This list represents probably a gazillion hours of sunburned gringos wandering around trying to figure out how to get stuff replaced or fixed. There’s a lot of real-world experience in this 20-page pdf file!

This list also features addresses or intersections or addresses for business locations. If the La Paz government ever gets around to putting up or replacing missing street signs you might actually be able to find the business you seek. As always, I recommend calling in advance to confirm business locations, directions, hours, and other important information.

If you have updates or recommendations, I’m sure the Club Cruceros would like to hear about them. An email contact address is included at the top of the list.

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